School Release Days

School Release Days Schedule

Please note:
* Days are subject to change.
* Students must be signed up using the form below in order to attend J-Care Release Days.

  • Wednesday, October 19: J-Care Available, MEA, Teacher In-Service
  • Thursday, October 20: J-Care Available, MEA, Teacher In-Service
  • Friday, October 21: J-Care Available, MEA
  • Friday, November 18: J-Care Available, Teacher In-Service
  • Monday, November 21: Closed, Distance Learning Day
  • Tuesday, November 22: Closed, Distance Learning Day
  • Wednesday, November 23: Closed, Thanksgiving Break
  • Thursday, November 24: Closed, Thanksgiving Break
  • Friday, November 25: Closed, Thanksgiving Break
  • Thursday, December 22: J-Care Available, Christmas Break
  • Friday, December 23: Closed, Christmas Break
  • Monday, December 26: Closed, Christmas Break
  • Tuesday, December 27: TBD
  • Wednesday, December 28: TBD
  • Thursday, December 29: TBD
  • Friday, December 30: Closed, Christmas Break
  • Monday, January 2: Closed, Christmas Break
  • Friday, January 13: J-Care Available, Teacher In-Service
  • January 16: Closed, Martin Luther King Day
  • February 17: Closed, Marathon Reward Day
  • February 20: Closed, President’s Day
  • March 9: Closed, All Staff Day
  • March 10: J-Care Available, Spring Break
  • March 13: J-Care Available, Spring Break
  • March 14: J-Care Available, Spring Break
  • March 15: J-Care Available, Spring Break
  • March 16: J-Care Available, Spring Break
  • March 17: Closed, Spring Break
  • April 7: Closed, Good Friday
  • April 10: Closed, Easter Monday
  • May 26: Closed, Memorial Weekend
  • May 29, Closed, Memorial Weekend
  • June 8: Closed, Transition Day
  • June 9: Closed, Transition Day
  • June 12: 1st day of Summer J-Care

Please Note the Following Regarding School Release Days:
  • Hours of Operation: 7:00a-6:00p (Hours may be altered based on number of students signed up.)
  • Cost: $37.00
  • Cancellation: If you are signed up for the school release day and cancel within one week of the actual school release day, you will be charged the full amount. No exceptions. You may cancel prior to the one-week window of the school release day. The cancellation must be written and signed by the parent/guardian.
  • Lunch is not provided by the school or J-Care on school release days, so please send a lunch with your child(ren). Milk will be provided at no additional charge. If you do not send a lunch with your child(ren), you will be called to bring a lunch.
  • Pre-registration is required for all school release days. You MUST sign-up by the specified deadline.
  • After the one week deadline you will still be allowed to sign-up with an increased school release day fee
    of $47.00.
  • Uniforms are not required on school release days.

Students MUST be signed up by 9am on Wednesday, October 12, in order to attend J-Care on October 19, 20, and/or 21.

J-Care School Release Days