About Our PE Program

At St. John the Baptist, we see each day as an opportunity for everyone to better themselves. To that end, we use fitness and activity to help students become the best possible versions of themselves. We believe growth comes through participation in team-oriented and individual activities, as well day-to-day interactions with peers. It is important to create meaningful relationships in and out of the classroom, and physical education allows students to build relationships that go beyond the classroom.

Leadership is also an important skill learned through physical education. Through experiences among classmates, students learn to be servant leaders — putting the needs of others before themselves.

“You don’t have to be great to serve, but you have to serve to be great.”

Kevin Miley
Physical Education Teacher

Kevin Miley began as the Physical Education teacher at SJB in the fall of 2016. After growing up attending Catholic schools in the Twin Cities (St. Luke’s and Cretin-Derham Hall) and graduating from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota with degrees in sports management and finance, he had found his passion: a combination of faith, education, and athletics. These values have led him to where he is today.

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