After School Art Classes

Ms. Higgins is excited to offer a number of spring art classes for students at SJB! When selecting a class, please take note of which grades may participate as well as the time and cost. All class fees will be billed through TADS. By signing your child(ren) up, you are acknowledging the following:

I/We the parents or guardians of the above named child hereby give my/our approval to his/her participation in any and all of the activities of St. John the Baptist after school classes. I/We assume all risks and hazards incidental to the conduct of the activities. I/We hereby waive all claims against the organizers, sponsors, volunteers, directors or any of the supervisors in case of injury to my child.

Spring 2022 Art Course Descriptions

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Art at St. John’s

The main goal of our art department is to familiarize the students with the formal elements and principles of art, such as line, color, shape, pattern, and emphasis. Here, students learn through lessons based on culturally significant themes, famous artworks, seasonal and current events, and even science. Students also learn to recognize and use these principles to create works that are both visually and conceptually engaging.

We provide students with various 2D and 3D materials to help establish artistic skills, creativity, and dexterity. They will have a chance to experiment with everything from crayon on paper to fired pottery. Our goal is to provide students with the confidence to express their own creativity and ideas with each piece of art they create for each assignment. By doing this, students will be more confident in using their creativity and skills in everything that they do.

Autumn Higgins
Art Teacher

Autumn Higgins has been immersed in arts her whole life. She was raised in Portland Oregon by a family of artists. Her mother is a painter, and her grandparents are both ceramic artists. In 2008, she received her Bachelor of Arts from Southern Oregon University, and in 2014, she received her Masters of Fine Arts in ceramics and drawing from Louisiana State University. Ms. Higgins moved to Minneapolis in 2014 to attend an Artist in Residence program at Northern Clay Center. Through teaching various outreach and summer art camp classes at NCC and Bloomington Arts Center, she learned she really loved working with children. After many years of school focused on becoming a studio artist and teaching at a university level, Ms. Higgins decided to jump in and start teaching the K-8 level here at SJB. She loves it!

Only working part time at SJB allows Ms. Higgins to maintain a very active studio arts career. Her main focus is in ceramics and pottery, but she also does custom watercolor house portraits. She shows in several galleries around the Twin Cities, out of state, and in the annual American Craft Council shows. On top of that, she has been featured in multiple Ceramics Monthly Magazine articles. Teaching at SJB keeps Ms. Higgins on her toes and allows her to have a great, energetic break from the long hours in her studio.

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