The curriculum at St. John the Baptist is continually reviewed to ensure the best teaching tools for our students.

Classes include:

  • Hands-on science experimentation (multiple SJB students have reached the annual Top 10 in the National Discovery/3M Science Student Competition held in Washington D.C.)
  • Spanish (focused on language/communication basics and cultural appreciation)
  • Music (band and choir options)
  • Art history along with projects including pottery, cartooning, marketing awareness and award-winning stained and fused glass work
  • Technology (including internet literacy/safety awareness components)
  • Junior-achievement-sponsored business units grades K-8 (ranging from an introduction to money in Kindergarten to budgeting skills in middle school)
  • A focus on study skills/organization
  • Integrated coursework (various subject areas coordinating together on certain assignments)
  • Bullying prevention program which increases student empathy and fosters greater staff-student connections via weekly smaller group sessions
  • Academic excellence across curriculums
  • “Faithful Beginnings” (preschool) for ages 3-5