Do you want to reduce your student’s tuition and
help St. John’s earn some money?
If so, sign up for SCRIP!

SCRIP is a program designed for individuals to purchase gift cards to places that they already shop. Every time a card is purchased or reloaded, 75% of money received is given back to the family for tuition costs and 25% goes directly to St. John’s.

Check out the following short presentation for more information:

SCRIP Information

SCRIP Website

SCRIP Code for St. John’s: 16LDCL34399L9

SCRIP Order Deadlines and Delivery Schedule:

** 2023-2024 Scrip Order and Delivery Schedule **
** Orders Due by 11:59pm **

Order Date
  • December 4
  • April 29

Delivery Date
  • December 11
  • May 6

Allocation of rebates uses a June 1-May 31 calendar. All rebates earned are then applied to tuition in
August for the upcoming school year.

Questions? Please contact Amy Cowman via email.