School WILL BE OPEN Tuesday

The following message was sent to parents earlier:

Dear Parents-

As you are aware, there are forecasted dangerous cold temperatures over the next few days. We have been in contact with the Mounds View District and below are the closing decisions for St. John’s School over the next days:

  • Tuesday, January 29th – St. John’s will be in session with NO BUSING (this includes the Blaine bus). Parents will need to provide transportation to/from school on Tuesday. The coldest weather/windchills are not predicted to hit until the afternoon. J-Care and Care Crew will be open as usual (please pick up as soon as possible so our J-Care staff may also get home safely). There will be no after-school activities (no band, math club, athletics, etc.). Note:  8th grade will still be attending their Finance Park Field trip. AM drop off will be in the gym/north parking lot and PM pick up in the main Church lot. (Remember – it is Comfy/Cozy dress day for the students tomorrow).
  • Wednesday, January 30th – St. John’s will be CLOSED due to the predicted cold temperatures throughout the day.
  • Thursday, January 31st – We are not sure what Thursday will bring, but we will update you as we know more.

As always, you as parents have the final decision on your child’s attendance. Absences tomorrow will be excused, however, please contact the school if your child will be gone.

Phone:  651-633-1522 x 1118 (main office)

651-633-1522 x1119 (Health office/attendance line)

Via email:  Joy Thienes and/or your child’s teacher