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Meet Our Preschool Teachers

Andrea Schroeder

Mrs. Schroeder has been the preschool director since 2018. She graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a major in Elementary Education and Spanish. She has taught Preschool and Kindergarten. Mrs. Schroeder attended St. John the Baptist. Her three kids attended the preschool and are currently in the grade school. She and her husband live in New Brighton.

Melanie Dowell

Mrs. Dowell has been working at St. John’s Preschool since 2015 and is the Care Crew morning teacher. She grew up in New Brighton and attended St. John the Baptist. Today, she and her husband live in New Brighton. Their children attended SJB Preschool, which means they are very involved with the St. John’s grade school and extracurricular activities.

Mary Ann Dircks

Miss Mary Ann received her education from University of Wisconsin- Stout and worked for many years as a nanny until joining the staff when the SJB preschool opened in October 2001.  She writes: “I mostly enjoy being able to share and celebrate my Christianity so freely and fully at St. John’s Preschool. After so many years of incorporating Jesus’ message into all aspects of the curriculum, I can’t imagine guiding these little ones any other way. The staff of St. John’s makes it such a great place to be as well. I am truly blessed to be a part of St. John’s Preschool Program.”

Julie Sawyer

Assistant in Miss Mary Ann’s Class

Mrs. Sawyer, who lives in New Brighton with her husband and two daughters, has worked at SJB school since 2009. Before her current role as Preschool Assistant, she was a J-Care supervisor and preschool substitute. Julie attended SJB herself and is a lifetime parish member. She received her education from the College of St. Catherine.

Caroline Little

Mrs. Little has been teaching in the St. John’s Preschool Program since 2012. In addition to a Bachelor’s degree in social work, Mrs. Little has also earned a Master’s Degree in Education, both from the University of St. Thomas.  She has taught at many levels, from Kindergarten through college, and is looking forward to a wonderful year at SJB. She lives in New Brighton with her daughter, Ava, and her husband, Andy.

Jennifer Livermont

Assistant in Mrs. Little’s Class

Mrs. Livermont has been an assistant teacher in our preschool since 2011.  After growing up in Arden Hills and attending St. John the Baptist School and Mounds View High School, she earned her bachelor’s degree in speech communication from the University of Minnesota. She worked in Human Resources for 7 years before making the decision to be a stay-at-home mom.  Mrs. Livermont joined our staff when her youngest child began kindergarten at SJB. In addition to her position at the preschool, Mrs. Livermont also serves the St. John’s community as the Sunday School coordinator. She lives in Shoreview with her husband, Greg, and their two children.

Jolene Pick

Mrs. Pick began substitute teaching at St. John’s Preschool and has been a part-time teacher since September 2004. She lives in Mounds View with her husband, Tom. They have two children, a son and a daughter, who both attended SJB. Mrs. Pick has also worked at Messiah Preschool as an assistant teacher, as well as a volunteer.  She has an educational background in psychology and experience working with learning disabilities and special needs.